100% Digital and Floriday

The next step in the digital transformation of the floriculture industry

By the end of 2020 at the latest, all direct transactions on Royal FloraHolland's marketplace will only be carried out digitally. With this, we are taking the next step in the digital transformation of floriculture. This acceleration fits in with Royal FloraHolland's strategy, where digital transformation is one of the most important pillars. Digitisation increases efficiency and speed on both the supply and the demand side of business. In addition, European legislation regarding financial services has been tightened. To comply with this legislation, the use of Floriday for direct trade is the designated route.

What does this mean for growers and customers?

For you as a grower, this means placing all your direct trade offer on Floriday. For buyers, this means placing direct orders via a digital sales channel from the end of 2020. This can be done via the Floriday screens or via a link between your software package and Floriday. At the end of 2020, an order must always be initiated by the buyer. This can no longer be done via the Connect-EAB.

What does this mean for growers who only supply through the clock?

These growers do not have to comply with '100% Digital' by the end of 2020. The 100% Digital programme is intended to ensure that direct transactions take place in the correct manner, in accordance with European directives. The clock transactions already comply with these requirements.

What does this mean for growers who want to work with their own software package?

Your software supplier must set up a link between the software package and Floriday. We are aiming for most software suppliers to have a link with Floriday before the end of the year. On our website you will find the status of this link per software supplier.

flyer: Eind 2020, alle directe orders 100% digitaal

What have we done already?

In the first half of the year we took essential steps for 100% Digital:

  • We have developed a customised approach for 39 buyers, who buy from almost 2,600 growers. The aim is for them - together with the growers - to be able to trade 100% digitally by the end of 2020.
  • A group of 21 pilot growers has indicated that they want to be 100% Digital by 1 July. With this they want to inspire other growers and serve as an example. Een groep van 21 pilotkwekers heeft aangegeven voor 1 juli 100% Digitaal te willen zijn. Hiermee willen zij andere kwekers inspireren en als voorbeeld dienen.  
  • We have put a link for software suppliers on the Floriday side live so that software suppliers can get started with linking.
  • Almost all software suppliers are working on the link with Floriday. The first links have already been created.
  • We have facilitated the order processing for clock deliveries and direct sales in Floriday.
  • We have developed purchasing screens for buyers that are currently being tested. The first orders have already been processed 100% digitally in this way.
  • We are organising weekly information meetings for growers and buyers.

What else are we going to do?

The second half of this year will be dominated by realisation:

  • The implementation plans are being rolled out to buyers. Growers with whom these buyers do business are being included.
  • The group of 21 pilot growers will be guided towards 100% Digital by 1 July. This is being communicated.
  • Growers will be notified by their software supplier when they are ready to roll out the link with Floriday. (if applicable)
  • Growers will be approached to start placing direct trading offer on Floriday screens. (if applicable).
  • Various functionalities will become available in Floriday:
    • Complete direct order processing will be possible within Floriday. This makes the Connect EAB redundant
    • The purchasing tip will be available to growers and buyersDe inkooptip wordt beschikbaar voor kwekers en kopers
    • Management of contracts will become possible and fixed agreements and call-off orders can be facilitated from Floriday.
    • Forward trading will be facilitated: being able to issue prices for a longer period of time on which buyers can place requests.
    • The Grower-Grower scheme will be included in Floriday in the last quarter. on which buyers can place requests.
  • The Grower-Grower scheme will be included in Floriday in the last quarter.
  • Growers and buyers will be continuously informed via: workshops, information meetings and newsletters.

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