Mandatory digital environmental registration and environmental certification

We can grow a green future together

The market is increasingly demanding transparency regarding the production of flowers and plants, and the business operations of suppliers. With a digital environmental registration, linked to an environmental certificate, growers can reliably demonstrate their compliance with the requirements set out in the certificate. As a cooperative and company, we have agreed to make a digital environmental registration mandatory as of 31-12-2020 and an environmental certificate mandatory as of 31-12-2021 for all suppliers (member or not, grower or not) on our marketplace.

We are working on fulfilling the preconditions set by the Members' Council in its advice, such as an information and onboarding campaign, better access to existing certification organisations and an alternative to registration and certification in addition to MPS. Together with the Sustainability Leading Team, we are also putting together a proposal for a policy of enforcement and sanctions.

With the decision to impose the obligation, together we are strengthening the future of our products, the sector and our marketplace.

What have we already done?

  • Inform: in addition to general communication in the usual RFH channels, the FPCs are also being visited and informed.
  • The accessibility and costs of registration and certification have been discussed intensively with MPS. The new MPS ABC 3.0 programme was introduced at the beginning of this year with an adjusted pricing policy: a separate price for the first year of registration and a lower price for certification.
  • We are working on an alternative to MPS so that you have a choice as a grower. To this end, a digital environmental registration tool must be connected to the requirements and systems of a scheme like GlobalG.A.P. Various organisations are working on this and we expect this to be realised in early Q3.
  • The contours of a policy to enforce and sanction were drawn up with the Leading Team. This was discussed with the members for the purposes of conceptualisation in the Members’ Council of 12 March and is now being developed further.

What else are we going to do?

  • Once the alternative to MPS has been realised, we will launch an activation campaign in the third quarter. This will serve to help you make a choice from the possibilities for environmental registration and activation.
  • After you have made your choice, we will, together with the relevant organisations, hold sessions to give practical help to growers who need it to register their environmental data.
  • In mid-September, we will determine whether the preconditions have been sufficiently fulfilled and whether we can reasonably and fairly proceed to enforce the obligation once it has entered into force.
  • At the latest on October 8 (or as soon as possible), a recommendation from the Members' Council will be sent to the management on enforcement and sanctions. The management will make a decision no later than the end of October.

flyer: milieu certificaat in 3 stappen

Curious to find out more?

  • Members can contact Customer Service: +31 (0)50 7898989
  • More information + the most frequently asked questions can be found on the website. This page is kept up to date.