Insights & Information Policy

Insights: for more market insight

What does Insights mean?

The Insights service has been developed to give you as a grower a better insight into your commercial market position. In this way, we put you in a stronger position in relation to your customers. Insights gives you more market insight. It is a paid service, in which member-suppliers receive a tariff advantage (€50 per month) relative to suppliers (€70 per month). Insights will eventually replace FloraneXt because it is a very outdated system in terms of the technology used.

The benefits of Insights

Insights is a completely renewed and greatly improved system. With Insights you get different and more insights that support you in your business process. Another advantage of Insights is that you can take out a temporary subscription. So you don't pay if you don't use it for a period of time. Insights isn't quite finished. We will continue to develop Insights to better meet your needs.

The goal for 2020 is to introduce growers to Insights and ultimately for them to purchase the service. In the course of this year, we will release FloraneXt for all growers. We will only do that when Insights contains the information (and more!) that growers are used to from FloraneXt. Now, in addition to your subscription to Insights, you can continue to use FloraneXt. Growers with a FloraneXt subscription have been informed about this.

What about the use of data in Insights?

Safe and careful use of data is an important basic principle for us in the development of Insights. For example, we never show individual transactions of third parties, we only share price information from the clock (no individually traceable numbers and turnover), insights from direct trading are only based on our own direct transactions and we only show batch prices of fellow suppliers if there is also a supply within that auction group on that day. All forms of data sharing are assessed against the information policy by the Information Policy Committee. In this way, we guarantee care and transparency.

Insights: handel met inzicht

What have we done already?

  • We have added extra screens with data that give you quick insight into your own results and the market: an improved 'Market View', a standard report with product overviews, report with customer overview (who has bought what at what price?) and an export option for your own information
  • A report made available for Emergency Fund application (refreshed weekly)
  • Improvements made based on feedback from member sessions and workshops/webinars
  • Weekly webinars in Dutch and English
  • Postponement of the shutting down of FloraneXt until later this year. FloraneXt will not be shut down until Insights contains the same (and more) information as FloraneXt. Subscribers to FloraneXt have been informed about this

What else are we going to do?

In the coming months you can expect extra functionality, such as:

  • Adding historical data
  • A customer overview: who has bought what and at what price?
  • Being able to make comparisons between years
  • Add cumulative weekly totals
  • Based on user feedback, existing functions improve

In addition, we will continue to organise workshops and make video tutorials to help you get started with Insights.

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