New membership model

For a strong cooperative

Why a new membership model?

In the coming year, we will work with member suppliers and non-member suppliers on a new membership model. Why? There are three reasons for this:

  • because the market is changing
  • to ensure that our cooperative remains strong
  • because a new strategy offers new opportunities

The new membership model must be suitable for different types of growers, take into account specific needs and interests, and accommodate new Royal FloraHolland services.

The project was temporarily halted during the corona crisis. And although this crisis is certainly not over yet, the time has now come to again look to the future. That is why the Growers Leading Team, together with the Team Membership of Royal FloraHolland, is back in action.

Together they are working on the development of a new membership model and on a step-by-step plan for the coming years. The main question that the team answers:

  • Which (more conceptual) changes are we working towards with a view to 2025?
  • What are the steps in between?
  • And what will already be concretely possible in 2021?

We will simultaneously tackle the annual rate process for 2021. We will do so outside of this project. If concrete changes take place in the pricing or pricing structure before 2021, we will include the details of this in this project.

lidmaatschap kwekers

What have we already done?

  • We have launched a Leading Team with 12 growers
  • We have carried out a problem analysis and explored initial design directions
  • We have addressed the main challenges in terms of membership with the Leading Team and through interviews with growers and buyers
  • We have researched trends in the market and services, in order to arrive at a number of principles for membership
  • We have identified different grower types as well as their own specific needs.

What else are we going to do?

  • We will allow different grower types with their own specific needs to be validated by growers
  • We will use input from the Members' Council and the theme sessions to develop the initial structure of the new membership model
  • We will potentially organise additional theme sessions and/or plan an (interim) informal Members' Council meeting to test the draft proposal.

Curious to find out more?

Watch the video in which Gijs van Geffen (Blue Bird Flowerfarms), Walter Straathof (Gebr. Straathof/Nature Miracles) and Hans Willemsen (Aardse Orchids) explain how they view membership of Royal FloraHolland and what changes they would like to see.

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Membership Leading Team

The Membership Leading Team consisting of 12 growers (suppliers and member suppliers) will collect your input in special sessions. This will give you the opportunity to provide feedback and discuss the membership of tomorrow. There will be two opportunities to do so in 2020: during the special theme sessions and the member sessions in November.

Membership Leading Team:

  • Gijs van Geffen
  • Goos Hofland
  • Bas Karsten
  • Chris Kester
  • Rob Koning
  • David van Tuyl
  • Walter Straathof
  • Andr√© van der Valk
  • Hans Willemsen
  • Toon van Kessel
  • Job van Egmond
  • Girish Appanna (Internationaal)