One Clock

As a chain we want to work smarter and more efficiently. One way we can achieve this is by disconnecting the auction from the location. In other words, One Clock. We start nationally and then expand internationally. One Clock is the programme that enables us to further optimise prices, save on costs and mileage and make the chain more sustainable.

How are we going to do that?

It starts with you as a grower: you put your offer in Floriday. Digitally, i.e. with high quality product photos with corresponding specifications. Also indicate where the products are located. Next, you choose which products you want to sell through the clock and when you want to do so; on the same day or at a later time. Your flowers and/or plant offer will then be traded via Floriday. Regardless of location. By separating the sale from a location, we can collect the products from your garden in bundled flows and deliver them where and when your buyer wants them. This saves on mileage and costs. In this way we not only unburden you as a grower, but we also deliver custom-made products to the buyer.

Landelijk veilen

What are we going to do and when?

The introduction of One Clock has long been on the wish list of Royal Flora Holland growers and buyers. Modifications to IT systems now make it possible, for instance, to start a pilot. This will be done following proper consultation with growers and buyers. In the coming period we are going to focus on:

  • Showcase Eelde Q3
  • Cut Anthurium Pilot: Q3
  • 100% Remote Buying (KOA): Q4
  • Improved image auctioning: Q4
  • New web clock pilot: Q4
  • First auction groups via fulfilment: Q4

With this, Royal FloraHolland is taking important steps towards One Clock.

Would you like to know more?

We will inform you about the progress and further developments of One Clock through the usual means of communication. During the member sessions we will give you an update about the programme.

You can prepare for One Clock by going 100% Digital and gaining experience with it, because One Clock will later become a sales channel at Floriday.