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Royal FloraHolland is hard at work in Eelde. In September last year, we announced our intention to turn Eelde into a future-proof auction and logistics centre for the north of the Netherlands and the north-west of Germany. We intend to do so by employing the latest auction and sales techniques and a new way of logistics handling. We expect that customers will be able to make use of a number of new services by the end of this summer.

Royal FloraHolland has a clear future in mind for Eelde. This will only work with a forward-looking range of services for our customers. In Eelde we are testing the most modern and efficient way of using different forms of trading, logistics services (fulfilment) and financial settlement for our customers. Thanks to modern techniques, we can make new services available. We are renewing both the auction and the logistics handling and the underlying IT systems. We are doing so in close consultation with members and customers. Eelde is thus the first Royal FloraHolland location where new concepts of deal-making and logistics are being implemented on a broad scale. This approach provides opportunities for growth of logistics services and offers opportunities to deliver to buyers at multiple times.

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Which services will be implemented in Eelde?

At the end of this summer, the first new services in Eelde will be made available to customers in Eelde: clock presales, Remote Buying (KOA) and 100% Image Auctioning:

  • Eelde will soon be visible in the Floriday-dashboard
  • Clock presales; customers can purchase products from the clock supply before the clock starts
  • Growers will be given the opportunity to use a minimum sales price at the clock. Both services were previously available at the export locations
  • Remote Buying from the stands or from another location
  • Kopen op Afstand op de tribune of vanaf een andere locatie
  • Transition to 100% image auctioning. This means that products will no longer be physically displayed in the auction room. Products are however still physically in the building and can be viewed by buyers prior to auction. We are also going to work with photostrates for the first time where we will take photos of the trolleys to be auctioned; this will make it possible to present the products to be auctioned via up-to-date images on the wall of the auction room. For growers, this also means that the photo included with the lot must be representative.

In addition to preparations to go live with these services, we are currently also working on the implementation of other services with which we will make Eelde future-proof. For example, one of the spearheads for Eelde is the implementation of fulfilment with which logistics will take place via order picking. To this end, adjustments must also be made to the layout and use of the building. We will also be switching to the group system for both auctioning and Finance.

What have we already done?

  • The required IT functionalities are ready and are being extensively tested
  • We have begun building the necessary IT infrastructure (WiFi, etc.)
  • We have performed a successful test with fulfilment
  • In collaboration with customers, we have studied how we can best serve them with image auctioning. For example, we have developed a new image auctioning design for the photostrate that was specially developed for Eelde.

What else are we going to do?

  • We are going to switch the Eelde clock to the RFH standard, but with a full decoupling from auctioning and logistics
  • Image auctioning will become the new standard, using a photostrate developed for Eelde
  • Remote Buying (KOA) instead of the outdated stand system
  • With KOA, all options available to customers at the other locations will soon also be available to Eelde
  • The logistics services (distribution and delivery) are set up in the most modern way with fulfilment. We guarantee the same logistics result
  • The new logistics set-up will enable Eelde to develop as a logistics hub. In addition, it will also enable us to test new possibilities for the other RFH locations.

Curious to find out more?

  • Please contact our Customer Service department at: +31 (0)88 789 89 89
  • Information sessions are regularly scheduled with members and buyers in Eelde