Royal FloraHolland strategy

What about it again?

We are the world's largest marketplace in floriculture. And we want to keep that position, so our growers and their buyers can get the most out of the market and keep supplying the world with fresh flowers and plants. Our ambitions are still: optimal pricing at minimal costs. This is only possible when we change. The market is changing. Growers and buyers are trading more directly with each other and less via the clock. As a result, the pricing and favourable rates of Royal FloraHolland services are under pressure.

We respond to this change and are developing our marketplace into the business-to- business platform for the global floriculture market, where growers and buyers can trade digitally via the clock and directly. We offer a complete range of ordering, payment and delivery services. This way we make life easier for the grower and provide flexibility for buyers.

Scale is crucial. A business-to-business platform must serve the largest possible international network with the widest possible range of products and support services. That way we can be and remain successful.

How do we do that?

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In a short animated film, we explain our strategy in 3 minutes.

Our strategy in three steps:

Step 1

First, we settle all transactions digitally. 100% Digital is our goal for 2020. We also work towards One Clock. With this programme we ensure that the supply of all locations is available via a single platform in the Netherlands and worldwide.

Step 2

We can then also set up our logistics for all transactions the way that the client wishes. We begin with transport between our branches and gradually expand this to a nationwide network.

Step 3

In the meantime, we work on international payment solutions, so that international transactions are easier and carefree through our marketplace.

What will we do this year?

The strategic priorities for 2020 are:

  • 100% Digital transactions
  • Preparing for One Clock (showcase Eelde)
  • Making international payments possible

flyer: Eind 2020, alle directe orders 100% digitaal

How to proceed after the crisis?

The corona crisis has changed the situation in the market. We see an acceleration in the shift from clock to direct and the growth of digital channels. Many of our customers and we too have made substantial losses.

Our strategy provides an answer to these developments. We need to accelerate the actual realisation of our strategy. So that we can help growers and buyers get their business back on track and earn back our losses.

Opportunities for growth lie on the direct streams and internationally. It is therefore extremely important that we save costs and speed up the development of new services that benefit our customers on the direct flows and internationally.

Focus in the coming period

The coming period, we are going to focus on:

  • Accelerating strategic programs: One Clock, 100% Digital, International Payments
  • Developing new services
  • Further reducing costs

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